1st Ironman Hall of Famers for 2019!

Well done to Wayne Storey and Michael Corness for being the 1st Members to complete Ironman this year. They Did Ironman Lanzarote in fine style. An excellent performance also came from Tommy Hollis, who just missed the cut-off.

Better luck next time Tommy.

Golden Couple in Winning Action!

Colin and Sandra Eastham have continued with their excellent start to 2019. Colin won his age group at the Wilmslow and Southport Triathlons. At Southport, Colin finished 3rd overall, beating competitors many years his junior.

Sandra has completed the same events and achieved 4th place at Wilmslow and 5th place at the Southport Triathlon. A great start to the season for you both! Well done!

Ironman Hall of Fame

Who will be the first West Lancs Tri Club competitor to be added to our Ironman Hall of Fame in 2019? By my calculations we have at least a dozen members aiming for the Ironman distance this year.

Remember, if you haven’t already done so, you can contact ‘Ironman’ to change your club representation to West Lancs Tri Club!

Just fill in your Ironman Athlete Profile.

West Lancs Triathlon

14th April 2019

In addition to Colin and Sandra Eastham, we also had Alan Myler and Rob Simmonite completing this early dawn event in preparation for their Ironman UK challenges later in the year.

A good opener for all concerned!

1st outing of 2019 for Golden Couple!

One of West Lancs Tri Club’s golden couples made their 1st outing of 2019 recently. Sandra and Colin Eastham were highly successful in 2018, with Colin representing the Great Britain International Team at the European Tri Championships and Sandra gaining a number of podium finishes.

2019 has started well with Colin winning his age group at the West Lancs Triathlon. Colin beat men many years his junior to finish 12th overall in a very competitive field.

Sandra was 4th in her age group of 32 competitors and had a particularly good bike section finishing 2nd fastest in her category.

This couple have a packed schedule of events for the year and success is on the menu.

Viv Hanson, Ribby Hall Triathlon

An excellent first event of the season for Viv Hanson. Viv completed the Ribby Hall Triathlon in fine style, recording a top 3 performance in the bike section and a top 3 performance in the ladies swimming section.

Well done Viv!

James Thompson – Marathon de Sables

James Thompson is running 6 marathons in 5 days through the Sahara Desert in April 2019.

He is raising money for the Walton Centre NHS Trust and North West Cancer Research charities.

There was a good attendance of West Lancs Tri Club members at the Charity Night hosted by James at Cheshire Lines, Maghull.

Good Luck James!