The Thomson Hot 150 2018

We  completed a staggering 164 plus races as a club in 2018.

1Andy Mackenzie20.01.2018Crosby Park Run
2Jane Warner01.01.2018Haigh Woodlands Park Run
3Jane Warner06.01.2018Haigh Woodlands Park Run
4Jane Warner13.01.2018Haigh Woodlands Park Run
5Jane Warner14.01.2018Ashurst Beacon Fell Race
6Caitlin Warner20.01.2018Operation Moonlight West Lancs Scouts
7Mike Gall06.01.2018Lancs County Cross Country Champs
8Mike Gall14.01.2018Runcorn Cross Country
9Mike Gall20.01.2018Buff Winter Trail 1/2 Marathon
10Mike Gall28.01.2018Croxteth Park Country Run
11Emma Burford04.02.2018Mad Dog 10km Southport
12Kate Zubairu04.02.2018Mad Dog 10km Southport
13Andy Mackenzie04.02.2018Speke Hall 10km
14Andy Mackenzie03.02.2018Crosby Park Run
15James Thompson01.01.201845 Mile Run. North Wales
16Collette O'Halleron21.03.2018Litherland Duathlon
17Claire Hathaway29.03.2018Snowdon Climb
18Mike Gall27.03.2018Liverpool 1/2 Marathon
19Brian Higgins27.03.2018Liverpool 1/2 Marathon
20Tony Woods27.03.2018Liverpool 1/2 Marathon
21Eamon Brady27.03.2018Liverpool 1/2 Marathon
22Seraya Meah27.03.2018Liverpool 10 miles
23Charlotte Rawcliffe27.03.2018Northern Relays
24Emma Burford08.04.2018West Lancs Triathlon
25Kate Zubairu08.04.2018West Lancs Triathlon
26Colin Eastham08.04.2018West Lancs Triathlon
27David Hickey08.04.2018West Lancs Triathlon
28Pau Arrastraria08.04.2018West Lancs Triathlon
29Brian Higgins08.04.2018West Lancs Triathlon
30Gary Mollard08.04.2018Manchester Marathon
31Ian Jones08.04.2018Fleetwood 10km Run
32Ian Jones04.02.2018Mad Dog 10km Run
33Charlotte Rawcliffe08.04.2018West Lancs Triathlon
34Mike Gall22.04.2018London Marathon
35Eamon Brady22.04.2018London Marathon
36Tony Woods22.04.2018Blackpool Half Marathon
37Bex Mercer22.04.2018Saddleworth Tri
38Richard Kirby 08.04.2018Mersey Tunnel 10km 48m 30s
39Brian Higgins 29.04.2018Sefton Tri
40Diane Veasey29.04.2018Sefton Tri
41Gayle Wells29.04.2018Sefton Tri
42Rob Hamill05.05.2018Marathon 'May the Forth be with you'
43Tilda Burford [Age 7]29.04.2018Sefton Junior Triathlon
44Colin Eastham13.05.2018Pennington Flash Park Run
45James Thompson20.05.2018Liverpool Marathon
46Richard Kirkby20.05.2018Liverpool Marathon
47Joe Bramall20.05.2018Southport Triathlon
48Steve Stewart20.05.2018Southport Triathlon
49Andrew Baxter20.05.2018Liverpool Marathon
50Ian Jones20.05.2018St Annes Triathlon
51Colin Eastham20.05.2018Southport Triathlon
52Kevin Polhill20.05.2018Parbold Hill Race
53Brian Higgins20.05.2018Wilmslow Triathlon
54Charlotte Rawcliffe20.05.2018Wilmslow Triathlon
55Billy Sergeson20.05.2018Wilmslow Triathlon
56Megan Hoad20.05.2018Lytham St. Anne's Triathlon
57Caitlin Parr20.05.2018Lytham St. Anne's Triathlon
58Colin Eastham29.04.2018Oulton Park Spring Duathlon
59Austin Clark03.06.2018Big Bala Swim
60Tara Clark03.06.2018Big Bala Swim
61Rob Hamill11.02.2018Nick Beer 10km
62Rob Hamill03.06.2018UK Triathlon Ultimate 1/2 Mixed Relay
63Rob Hamill20.05.2018Liverpool 1/2 Marathon
64Alison Webster03.06.2018UK Triathlon Ultimate 1/2 Mixed Relay
65Emma Burford09.06.2018Great North Swim, Windermere
66Kate Zuabairu09.06.2018Great North Swim, Windermere
67Andrew O'Neill09.06.2018Great North Swim, Windermere
68Alison O'Neill09.06.2018Great North Swim, Windermere
69James O'Neill09.06.2018Great North Swim, Windermere
70Jemima O'Neill09.06.2018Great North Swim, Windermere
71Gary Mollard09.06.2018Great North Swim, Windermere
72Olivia Mollard09.06.2018Great North Swim, Windermere
73Jessica Mollard09.06.2018Great North Swim, Windermere
74Claire Forder20.05.2018Liverpool 1/2 Marathon
75Claire Forder20.01.2018Nottingham Forest 7km Night Run
76Colin Eastham03.06.2018Croston Crusaders Sportive
77Sandra Eastham03.06.2018Croston Crusaders Sportive
78Colin Eastham10.06.2018Staffordshire 1/2 Marathon
79Phil Robson03.06.2018Ullswater 1 mile Swim
80Jo-Anne Robson03.06.2018Ullswater 1 mile Swim
81Alison17.06.2018Race for Life 10km
82Zoe Walsh17.06.2018Race for Life 10km
83Richard Mercer10.06.2018Chester Diva Swim 1900m
84Greg Edwards03.06.2018Ullswater Tri
85Brian Higgins17.06.2018Shrewsbury 1/2 Marathon
86Soraya Meah17.06.2018Shrewsbury 1/2 Marathon
87Tony Woods17.06.2018Shrewsbury 1/2 Marathon
88James Thompson24.06.201835 mile Training Run!
89Mike Gall30.06.2018Ormskirk Park Run
90Colin Eastham24.06.2018Cholmondley Triathlon
91Sandra Eastham24.06.2018Cholmondley Triathlon
92Jonathan Paxton08.07.2018Derwentwater 3km
93James Thompson08.07.2018Derwentwater 3km
94Emma Burford08.07.2018Derwentwater 3km
95Kate Zubairu08.07.2018Derwentwater 3km
96James O'Neill08.07.2018Derwentwater 3km
97Jo Henderson07.07.2018Chester Deva Triathlon
98Rob Hamill01.07.2018Southport 1/2 Marathon
99Rob Hamill02.07.2018Thurstaston 6 mile Multi Terrain
100Rob Hamill03.07.2018Sustrans 10 mile
101Rob Hamill04.07.2018Knowsley 6 mile Cross Country
102Rob Hamill05.07.2018Raging Red Bull 5 mile
103Rob Hamill06.07.2018Wirral 12 mile Coastal Run
104Dave Gara15.07.2018Ironman UK
105James Buck15.07.2018Ironman UK
106David Hickey15.07.2018Ironman UK
107Austin Clark15.07.2018Big Welsh Swim Llanberis
108Tara Clark15.07.2018Big Welsh Swim Llanberis
109Eamon Brady15.07.2018Big Welsh Swim Llanberis
110Jonathan Paxton21.07.2018Blackpool Pier to Pier Swim
111Alison Sworder21.07.2018Blackpool Pier to Pier Swim
112Tim Bailey21.07.2018Blackpool Pier to Pier Swim
113Mega Hoad21.07.2018Blackpool Pier to Pier Swim
114Paige Rawsthorne04.08.2018River Dee mile
115Austin Clark04.08.2018River Dee mile
116James Thompson05.08.2018Snowman Triathlon, Plasy Brenin
117Jonathan Paxton11.08.2018Cross River Mersey Swim
118Tim Bailey11.08.2018Cross River Mersey Swim
119Tommy Hollis11.08.2018Cross River Mersey Swim
120Wayne Storey11.08.2018Cross River Mersey Swim
121Colin Eastham11.08.2018European Triathlon Championships
122Ian Jones11.08.2018Dublin 1/2 Marathon
123Alison Sworder11.08.2018Dublin 1/2 Marathon
124Greg Edwards11.08.2018Ironman France, Vichy
125Jo-Anne Robson26.08.2018Great Scottish Swim, Loch Lomond
126Phil Robson26.08.2018Great Scottish Swim, Loch Lomond
127Colin Eastham26.08.2018West Lancs Triathlon
128Sandra Eastham26.08.2018West Lancs Triathlon
129Andy Cunningham26.08.2018West Lancs Triathlon
130Owen Martin26.08.2018West Lancs Triathlon
131Keith Andrews26.08.2018West Lancs Triathlon
132Charlie Hutton26.08.2018West Lancs Triathlon
133James Thompson09.09.2018Ironman Wales
134Eddie Hirst09.09.2018Ironman Wales
135Megan Hoad09.09.2018Great North Run
136Caitlin Parr09.09.2018Great North Run
137Colin Eastham09.09.2018Oulton Park Track Day
138Sandra Eastham09.09.2018Oulton Park Track Day
139Michael Corness09.09.2018Wirral 1/2 Marathon
140Colin Hill16.09.2018River Dart 10km Swim
141Alison Webster16.09.2018Coniston 1 Mile Swim
142Graeme Webster16.09.2018Coniston 1 Mile Swim
143Ian Jones16.09.2018Fleetwood Triathlon
144Megan Hoad22.09.2018Sandman Triathlon
145Charlotte Rawcliffe23.09.2018Serpentine 2 Mile Swim
146Laura Marsh23.09.2018Serpentine 2 Mile Swim
147Brian Higgins09.09.2018Salford Triathlon
148Charlotte Rawcliffe09.09.2018Salford Triathlon
149Chris Millington23.09.2018Ormskirk 10km Run
150Ian Jones23.09.2018Rainhill 10km Run [multi-terrain]
151Mark Tamlin23.09.2018Sandman Triathlon
152Tommy Hollis23.09.2018Sandman Triathlon
153Jo-Anne Robson05.10.2018Windermere Dip in the Dark
154Phil Robson05.10.2018Windermere Dip in the Dark
155David Thomson11.10.2018Snowdon Ascent
156Megan Hoad14.10.2018Twin Peaks, Wales
157Mike Gall14.10.2018Rossall Biathlon
158Eddie Hirst21.10.2018World Duathlon Championship, Ibiza
159Tommy Hollis21.10.2018Lobos to Fuerteventura Swim
160George Eland03.09.2018Coniston 5.25 Miles
161Chris Millington11.11.2018Lytham St Anne's 10km
162Mike Gall25.11.2018British Biathlon Championships
163Neil Thomson25.11.2018British Biathlon Championships
164Richard Kirby25.11.2018Charity Plank-off Event

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