Iron Man Success!

Rob Hamill became our most recent IRONMAN RUNNER this month with a supreme 13 hours 18 minutes and 4 seconds finishing time on 6th October 2019.

Rob Simmonite completed IronMan UK.

Shaun Rheade completed IronMan Wales and Paul McGregor completed IronMan UK.

New Records Set!

Well done to Owen Martin for setting a new West Lancs Tri Club Record for the 5km distance swim.His time of 1 hour 32 minutes at Cholmondley beat the previous time by a minute.

James O’Neill set a new 3.8km Ironman Swim record of 60 minutes and 40 seconds. Wil he be our first member to break the hour?

1st Ironman Hall of Famers for 2019!

Well done to Wayne Storey and Michael Corness for being the 1st Members to complete Ironman this year. They Did Ironman Lanzarote in fine style. An excellent performance also came from Tommy Hollis, who just missed the cut-off.

Better luck next time Tommy.

Ironman Hall of Fame

Who will be the first West Lancs Tri Club competitor to be added to our Ironman Hall of Fame in 2019? By my calculations we have at least a dozen members aiming for the Ironman distance this year.

Remember, if you haven’t already done so, you can contact ‘Ironman’ to change your club representation to West Lancs Tri Club!

Just fill in your Ironman Athlete Profile.

West Lancs Triathlon

14th April 2019

In addition to Colin and Sandra Eastham, we also had Alan Myler and Rob Simmonite completing this early dawn event in preparation for their Ironman UK challenges later in the year.

A good opener for all concerned!

Who’ll be our first Ironman in 2019

Who will be the first West Lancs Tri Club Member to complete an Ironman in 2019?

The race is on to see which of our members will be the first to enter into the West Lancs Tri Club Ironman Hall of Fame in 2019.

Now that our club is registered with Ironman, we receive points for everyone who completes an Ironman of Half Ironman event under the clubs name.

Ironman awards National, European and World Ranking points. Sounds excinting!!


Great News!

All West Lancs Tri Club athletes can now register their club as West Lancs Tri Club if they comete in any Ironman Event of Half Marathon event in the World.

More details will follow soon.

Ironman Wales

9th September 2018.

Well done to James Thompson for achieving a PB at Ironman Wales. His time was 13 hours 36 minutes, and represents a massive improvement over the past 12 months.

James also completed the Snowman Triathlon in August at Plas y Brenin, Snowdonia. Eddie Hirst also completed the Ironman Wales.

Ironman France

Well done to Greg Edwards for completing his 1st Ironman Event. Greg travelled to Vichy, France to compete in this gruelling event. Well done Greg!

Ironman Swim Training Sessions

Step up your Ironman Training further by Swimming at Nye Bevan Pool, Skelmersdale every Thursday from 8.00-9.00pm for fast interval training and technique work.

Then from 9.00-10.00pm, each Thursday at Nye Bevan, we have our officially designated Ironman training session containing longer sets suitable for tackling the Ironman distance. The session is coached by Alex Fry, ho is no stranger to the distance, having completed and Ironman distance3.8km swim in 38 minutes! You’ll be in good hands.