A warm welcome to West Lancs Tri Club in conjunction with Neil Thomson Swimming.





West Lancs Tri Club caters for Triathletes, Open Water Swimmers and anyone who simply wishes to enjoy their swimming in the pursuit of good all-round fitness.

The emphasis is on enjoyment, fitness and Sociability.

Coached swimming sessions in a progressive yet happy atmosphere take place at 4 venues. They are at Meadows, Maghull, Nye Bevan Pool, Skelmersdale, Kirkby Leisure Centre and Halewood Leisure Centre.

Running and Cycling sessions take place courtesy of the Triathlon Hub, of which we are a member club. The Triathlon Hub was set up by a Triathlete and friend of mine, Marc Laithwaite. The Triathlon Hub gives the members of 4 constituent clubs the chance to join in with each other’s training sessions, thus pooling resources, knowledge and enthusiasm.

There is a weekly programme of training sessions that members can attend. For example, the sessions run by West Lancs Tri Club or Skelmersdale at attended by members of the Endurance Store, Wigan Tri Club and Team Pie.

In addition, there is a full programme of Swimming, Running, Cycling and Open Water Swimming available to all members. Those who join us must be a paid up member of one of the Triathlon Hub Clubs.

The team spirit across the Triathlon Club Hubs is motivational!
Contact West Lancs Tri Club immediately!!

Phone Neil Thomson on 0151 531 1426
or even better, just turn up at one of our sessions.

Don’t forget to visit  www.neilthomsonswimming.co.uk too!

Our disciplines include